Head of School message to parents 13.05.20

Dear parents and carers

I contacted you yesterday to say we are making plans for a phased reopening of the school from 1st June. I need some information from you now to help me to plan the next steps. 

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We are taking all possible measures to make the school as safe as possible for everyone and this will include reducing the amount of pupils coming into school. 

What I need to know from you as soon as possible and by the end of Thursday at the latest is:

1 Do you wish for your child to return to school for the planned reopening in term 6?

2 Do you have a member of the household who is shielding (extremely vulnerable person) due to a medical condition following written guidance from their clinician? 

3 Are there any vulnerable people living in your household eg those who did not receive a letter telling them to shield but who have a condition such as asthma that put them at increased risk of infection.

4 Would you like to discuss your decision further with a member of the senior leadership team?

We hope as many children as possible will be able to return for at least some days each week where it is safe for them to do so. Parents and carers who decide not to send their child to school will not be fined for doing so. 

Please respond to this message as soon as possible to help us to make plans for 1st June. 

Best wishes

Amanda Jagot  (Head of School)